Need a Versatile Building Solution? A 30×50 Metal Building Checks All the Boxes

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30x50 Metal Building

30×50 Metal Building

Looking for a good way to add some external storage for your home, park some vehicles, create some workshop space, expand your existing business, or house your new business startup? A 30’x50’ steel structure from Carport Central provides a generous amount of protected space – 1500 square feet, in fact – that can be used for any of these purposes, and more!


And a 30’x50’ metal building isn’t just roomy inside; it’s tough outside, too. It’s incredibly weather-resistant, pest-resistant, fire-resistant, and even earthquake-resistant. It’s also completely customizable for practically any home, commercial, or farm application. And a building like this can be finished for standalone residential or business usage, too!


Personal Possibilities for a 30×50 Metal Building

Got more stuff than you know what to do with? Hoarding is a more common pastime for us than many will care to admit! Where’d all this stuff even come from, anyway? 😂


Of course, there are the gifts we receive for birthdays, Christmas, and other special occasions. Some of those things you might not have chosen for yourself, but you keep them around anyway. There are also perhaps some things you’ve inherited; you hate to part with those sentimental items, too. And then there’s the stuff you actually chose to buy on your own. Most of those things you still actually like! The problem is that you’re running out of space to keep them all.


So yes, having all this stuff can grow to become a real problem. Thankfully, a rugged 30’ x 50’ metal building offers a perfect solution! 1500 square feet is a lot of room for stuff-keeping, and it can really help you to declutter your personal living space. Alternatively, a 30×50 building can also be turned into a vehicle garage, workshop, personal gym or other recreational facilities, man cave, she-shed, playroom for the kids, or whatever else you might dream up. A 30×50 metal building is also perfectly sized for creating your own custom barndominium!



Expand Your Business with a 30×50 Steel Building

If you own a small business and are looking to expand, or if you’re planning to start a new business enterprise and need someplace to house it – 30’ X 50’ metal buildings work great for that, too. We’ve seen customers purchase these buildings and have them installed for all sorts of retail and commercial establishments, including:


  • Print shops
  • Coffee shops
  • Donut shops
  • Sandwich shops
  • Bistros
  • Cafes
  • Breweries
  • Marketing and advertising businesses
  • Dry cleaning businesses
  • Local pharmacies
  • Auto tire shops, body shops, and service centers
  • Consignment shops
  • Clothes boutiques


We’ve seen quite a few mom-and-pop stores and family-run businesses make good use of 30’ X 50’ metal buildings, too. You can easily divide the interior space to set up a customer-facing area in the front, and still have room for a production area or kitchen & cold storage area in the back. Businesses like these are able to thrive because of cheaper upfront building costs and lower ongoing building maintenance needs, as opposed to constructing and maintaining a comparable stick-built structure. It’s not overstating the fact to say that a quality-manufactured, well-installed 30’ X 50’ steel building could work wonders for your business!


Grow Your Farm with a 30×50 Metal Building

Are we suggesting that 30×50 metal buildings work well in farm, ranch, and agricultural environments too? You betcha!


If you run any type of agricultural business, then you must already appreciate the fact that investing in a rugged, sturdy building that doesn’t require any regular maintenance just makes good sense. While wooden barns may be a traditional staple on many generational farms, the fact of the matter is that these types of structures are easy prey for pests and vermin, and many are either rotting or in various stages of decline. That’s one key reason why wooden barns are out, and metal barns are in!


Here are a few ways we’ve seen our agricultural customers make use of a custom 30×50 metal building from Carport Central:


  • Protected shelters for farm vehicles & equipment, including tractors, attachments, etc.
  • Warehouse space
  • Workshop space
  • Dry storage for feed, seed, crops, and supplies
  • Horse barns
  • Hay barns
  • Livestock shelters
  • Chicken house or other poultry barns
  • Multipurpose storage for ATVs, tools, and other vehicles & equipment
30x50 Metal Building

Why Choose a 30×50 Metal Building?

An enclosed 30’x50’ metal structure is a rugged solution for all sorts of outdoor storage or other needs. Here are some specs, features, and customization options for a 30’x50’ metal building from Carport Central:


  • 30’W x 50’L, or can alternatively be configured as a 50’W x 30’L side-entry facility
  • Popular heights for buildings of this type range from 8’ to 12’, but you can go all the way up to 20’H if that’s what you want or need
  • Choose standard 14-gauge steel framing, or upgrade to our even sturdier 12-gauge option; you can also go with standard 29-gauge metal paneling or our thicker 26-gauge paneling option.
  • A premium vertical roof provides the sturdiest design and best protection, and the vertical roof metal paneling sheds both precipitation and debris with greater ease.
  • Sides can be enclosed with either vertical or horizontal metal paneling.
  • Choose from among 17 popular colors for the roof, sides & trim, and mix & match any way you like.
  • Select the size, type, and the number of entry points you want (including roll-up doors, walk-in doors, or frame outs), and decide where to place them around your building.
  • We’ve got several great window options, too.
  • We can certify your building to meet any local wind & snow load requirements.
  • Delivery and installation INCLUDED with purchase.


What About 30×50 Metal Building Prices?

Our steel building prices are incredibly competitive, and our buildings will give you more bang-for-your-buck than a building constructed with other materials. Plus, when you choose Carport Central, you can rest a little easier knowing that the job will be done right. We’ll be here for you every step of the way! But to answer the question, your specific building price will ultimately be based upon significant factors, including your chosen final building dimensions, customization options, and your particular installation location. Just reach out to one of our friendly building specialists today at (980) 321-9898, and we’ll be glad to provide you with your own custom quote!


Let Carport Central Provide Your Perfect Metal Building Solution!

What kind of custom metal building do you need? We work hard every day to make sure our customers and clients get exactly what they want in a steel structure. And nothing comes out of a box or off of some warehouse shelf – every steel structure we provide is custom made-to-order! Plus, we deliver and install in 46 states, for no extra charge!


But perhaps you’d like to be able to install your own custom metal building kit for a discount? We make those available, too. Each custom metal building kit we furnish comes with all needed building materials for installation. And you can even design your own building with our easy-to-use 3D Building Designer, accessible from any computer, tablet, or smartphone. We’ll take the building design you create and use it to get your custom building order started – it’s that simple!


Oh, and here’s one more important thing to make a note of, too. We’ve got the BEST financing solutions in the business, hands down!


Connect with us online today, or simply give us a call at (980) 321-9898. Come experience the Carport Central difference for yourself! We’re here to provide shelter for your way of life, business, and agriculture!


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