Running out of space? Know about Metal Building Extensions

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Extensions in Metal Building

Your metal carport, garage or other metal building may have served its purpose when you first purchased it, but as your needs change and the number of belongings you have increases, you may find your needs changing. You might require additional space or want the structure to act as a workspace. With an extension or add-on, you can transform your carport or garage into the space you desire.

Extension in Metal Carports and Enclosed Garages


Adding a lean-to onto your garage or carport gives you extra space without having to enlarge your entire garage. A lean-to is a simple structure consisting of a few support beams and a roof that slants away from the original structure. It gives you more storage space without having to buy a larger structure or an additional one. It’s a cost-efficient solution to enhancing the space of your garage or carport.

Adding Wall Panels

Extra wall panels can help you enclose open areas of your carport or garage to ensure your car or other possessions remain safe from the elements. Use extra wall panels along with the necessary hardware to expand the size of your garage or carport. With wall panels, you’re able to create the carport or garage you’ve always wanted because you’re not limited to a kit that predetermines what you’re going to build. Keep in mind, you can use the wall panels to create additional space for a second vehicle, storage or work area.

Installing Utilities

Whether you want lights added to your carport or several outlets so you can run a variety of equipment, you’re able to do so easily. By running electric to your garage, you can heat your garage, so you can work on projects even when it’s chilly out. You could also use the electric to run all of the equipment you need to repair your own vehicle or manage a business.

Transforming an Enclosed Steel Garage

Transform an enclosed steel garage structure with a lean-to. You could position the lean-to beside your garage as an ideal storage space for your tractor and other lawn equipment. Add a man door in your garage door for easy access to the garage without having to open the large garage door. The man door conserves energy and preserves your privacy.

Choose from various garage doors that can save you money on your energy expenses and maintain the temperature at a more comfortable level. You can upgrade your garage door, so you’ll no longer need to open it on your own. You may want to buy a garage door that gives your garage a touch of your personal style.


Benefits of a Transformation or Extension

Get What You Want

Get the garage or carport you’ve always wanted, or just now decided you wanted, without having to make any major changes. For instance, you won’t need to purchase a bigger structure and discard of the initial one. Additionally, you won’t have to add another structure near the first one.

Cost-Efficient Solution

Adding to your current garage is more cost efficient than getting a larger structure or an additional one. Kits are available that make the assembly process inexpensive, and in most cases, the installation process is simple enough you can do it yourself. On the other hand, you could utilize our services, and we’ll come to your home or business and conduct all the labor for you.

Space to Meet Your Needs

You can add space to the outside of your home to store your possessions. You won’t have to rent a storage unit, which saves you money. You could also create a workspace within walking distance of your residence. On the other hand, you may want to utilize the space for a recreational area.

Buying metal buildings is always a great decision since the components of metal building may be replaced or changed. And if you decide you don’t want the structure later, it’s easy to remove, no matter how long it’s been there. If you would like to purchase the material to add on to your current garage or carport, contact us today make a call at (980) 321-9898.


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