Setting Up Your Automotive Repair Workshop or Service Center for Success

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Setting Up Your Automotive Repair Workshop or Service Center for Success


It’s really a good time to be in the automotive repair business in America! While there continues to be a push for more electric vehicles and increasingly energy-efficient cars, the fact of the matter is that the vast majority of the 227 million licensed drivers in the U.S. are still driving vehicles with traditional combustion engines. And Americans are also now driving their cars and trucks longer before trading vehicles to try and save money, so demand for automotive repair and service providers won’t be declining anytime soon!

The Time Is Right

Perhaps you’ve been working for a dealership or an automotive service chain, and you’d like to set out on your own and start your own automotive services business. If so, be encouraged by this fact – a Consumer Reports study published in December 2018 found that independent auto repair shops get higher marks for customer satisfaction than dealer service centers. John Ibbotson, chief mechanic for Consumer Reports, encourages drivers to “find a local, independent garage you can trust, then build a relationship by giving them repeat business. If you stay loyal, they’re bound to treat you right.” So there’s definitely plenty of opportunity for you to create a market for your services as an independent automotive garage, repair service center, or body shop!

But What Kind of Facility Do You Need?

So if you’re ready to start your own automotive repair business or expand your existing vehicle service center, you’re going to need someplace to make it happen. Having the right facility for your business is one of the most important steps to get your business off the ground or really help it grow.

A side-entry metal garage is a fantastic building design option that can meet all your auto shop facility needs. A side-entry garage builds bays along the length of the building, maximizing the use of your space and allowing for easier vehicle entry and exit. Side-entry steel garages can be custom designed to include as many bays as you want, and can easily be engineered to be tall enough to accommodate vehicles of any shape or size.

Benefits of Investing in a Metal Workshop Building for Your Auto Repair Business

  • Structurally sound, weatherproof facility as a homebase for your business
  • Steel workshops or garages are fully customizable, including options for garage doors, walk-in doors, windows, and more
  • Dedicated space for performing routine automotive maintenance as well as specialized repairs
  • No need to settle for renting space from someone else when you can start building equity with your OWN commercial garage building installed on your own property
  • Prefab workshop buildings and custom steel garages from Carport Central are more affordable than you think!

What Makes a Steel Workshop a Better Choice

Light-gauge steel buildings are more flexible and adaptable than traditional wood or conventional red iron structures, and there are other advantages as well:

  • Economical

    Depending on the dimensions and customizations you choose, a steel building can actually be cheaper to build. Steel is also much easier to clean and requires less maintenance than stick-builds or other comparable structures. And since the colors are infused into the metal during the fabrication process, you won’t have to worry with peeling paint or premature color fading issues.

  • Dependable

    Steel buildings don’t rot like wood and can stand up to constant use and extreme weather conditions, including high winds, rain, lightning, and snow.

  • More Resistant to Weather Elements and Pests

    Steel isn’t susceptible to termites or other pests, and it doesn’t host mold, mildew or moss. Steel isn’t flammable either, so it also provides better protection from fire dangers. These metal structures can also be certified to handle any wind or snow loads that may be required in your local area. And while no building is completely earthquake-proof, the properties of light-gauge steel framing provide much more flexible strength during seismic activity than other building materials, too.

  • Customization Options

    The versatility of steel allows for more complex architectural designs and flexibility. With no need for interior columns or supports, steel structures offer more usable clear-span interior space as well. Clear-span metal buildings can be designed big enough to house and work on oversized vehicles, too. It’s also easier to expand or adapt a steel workshop as your space needs change and grow.

  • Cheaper Insurance Costs

    Thanks to superior strength, durability, and resistance to the elements, your insurance costs can be reduced by choosing a side-entry commercial steel garage over other options.

  • Multipurpose Possibilities

    You’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to deciding your building’s setup. You can designate one bay just for inspections, a bay or two for oil changes, and other bays for more involved repairs. Or you can just make every bay multifunctional to be able to accommodate all of your available services. It’s really up to you!

Why Choose Carport Central for Your Automotive Repair or Service Center Facility?

Carport Central understands that purchasing a steel structure is a significant investment, but it’s also one of the wisest investments you can make for housing your business and helping it to grow. We work hard every day to make sure each of our customers gets the right product at the right price with the excellent customer service in the metal buildings industry. At Carport Central we choose to do business differently, for the ultimate good of our customers:

  • We’re one of the leading online dealers of metal structures in America, and we deliver and install across the continental United States
  • We partner with only the best local and regional manufacturers, ensuring that YOU get the best-quality steel building, AND that you get it faster
  • YOU choose the gauges of steel framing and paneling, as well as the roof style, building dimensions, doors, windows, trim, colors, and other options that best suit your needs and preferences
  • Our state-of-the-art 3D Building Designer gives you the freedom to easily design and customize your OWN ideal metal structure, and you can do so on any computer, smartphone, or tablet
  • We have the best team of building specialists in the business, we take the time to really LISTEN to your needs, and we’ll walk alongside you every step of the way
  • Delivery and installation of your custom metal structure is INCLUDED with purchase

Carport Central is about much more than just selling you a metal workshop or garage building; we’re about Providing Shelter For Your Way Of Life. Check us out online, or give us a call today at (980) 321-9898, and let us show you the Carport Central difference!


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