Start Your Own Backyard Turkey Farm with a 36×26 Metal Barn!

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Let’s Talk Turkey

Thanksgiving may have come and gone for 2021, but Turkey Day isn’t the only time that folks like to eat turkey. Today’s consumer is more aware of the nutritional value of turkey than ever before, and turkey production continues to grow in leaps and bounds. Once limited to a primarily holiday-focused market, the turkey industry has blossomed into a year-round, diversified industry with new product lines being added all the time. U.S. turkey consumption has doubled since 1970, and is now up to 16 pounds eaten per person annually. In addition, the U.S. is the world’s leading turkey producer and largest exporter of turkey-based products.


Why You Should Consider Raising Turkey Yourself

Got some available space on your property? Then a venture into small-scale turkey farming could be a profitable enterprise for you. Turkeys are fairly easy to raise, and they don’t make a racket every sunrise like chickens do.

There are plenty of reasons to start your own turkey farm. Creating a space to raise turkeys is pretty straightforward. You just need an enclosed facility for breeding and raising, and some open, fenced-in space for your birds to roam. Compared to other poultry, turkeys are easily domesticated and are easier to maintain than other bird types. In addition to raising food for your own family, you can also start selling turkey meat, and eggs to help meet increasing demand. Starting your own home turkey farm can actually help to fill a special niche in your local community. It’s really a win-win for all parties concerned!


Use a Prefab Metal Barn to Launch Your Own Turkey Farm

One reason that local, independent turkey farms are growing in popularity across the country is the fact that they don’t require a ton of investment capital to start. But no matter where you’re located, you’ll need to begin by installing necessary shelter to keep your flock safe. For every baby turkey (or poult) you plan to raise, a good rule of thumb is to provide at least ten square feet of enclosed, protected space. While some farmers opt for a simple open-air cover wrapped with poultry fencing, that still won’t keep your turkeys safe from excessive heat, cold, winds, or potential infiltration by predators and pests. A better, more secure choice is a fully-enclosed metal building or metal barn kit that’s well ventilated.


The Benefits of Choosing a 36×26 Metal Barn

Consider a 36×26 metal barn, for example. This particular 36’-wide stepdown barn is divided into three sections. The center and one side section are open in the front and back, while the other side section is fully enclosed. The enclosed side contains 288 square feet of completely protected space, allowing you to raise up to 28 turkeys at a time. The two open-air sections could then be used for storing equipment, feed, supplies, or whatever else you want to keep under cover. With a great setup like this, all you’ll need to add is some fenced roaming pasture space, and you’ll be ready to go with your own private turkey farm!



Why a Steel Barn Makes Good Sense

Whether you’re planning to start your own turkey farm, or just need an outdoor barn for other purposes, you really can’t beat a prefab metal barn from Carport Central. What’s better about our custom-made steel structures? Plenty.

• Durable & Rugged

Steel is the strongest commercially-available construction material, and it’s also one of the most resilient. A steel-framed building can withstand most anything Mother Nature decides to throw at it, and is much more dependable than a comparable stick build. Plus, steel won’t rot like wood, and is much less likely to harbor mold, mildew, termites, or other pests.

• Fully Customizable

The combined strength and versatility of steel tubing means you can customize your metal barn kit any way you like. Is a 36×26 barn not the perfect fit for your available lot space? Or perhaps you simply need something bigger? You can choose whatever building dimensions you prefer, and you can also opt to add customizations like roll-up doors, walk-in doors, windows, and more.

• Faster Installation

Don’t have time to wait the typical months it takes for a stick-built post barn to be constructed? A steel barn can go up much faster. A prefab steel structure takes less time, less labor, and also conserves the amount of needed building materials. Once your building components arrive onsite, most metal barns can be installed in a matter of just hours or days!

• Easy to Maintain

A steel barn is simple to clean – you can typically just hose it off and hose it out. Steel structures also require significantly less maintenance than comparable stick builds. No issues with peeling paint or having to repaint or restain frequently, either.

• More Cost-Effective

Did you know? Building with steel is actually more cost-effective than building with wood, especially for a larger-scale barn or building. In addition, a steel structure can be installed on virtually any site foundation, including plain level ground.


Choose Carport Central for Your Best Turkey Farm Barn Solution!

If you’re ready to start your own backyard turkey farm, there’s no better shelter solution for your birds than a reliable metal barn from Carport Central. You can even use our 3D Building Design Tool to create your own ideal steel barn design. Choose your preferred building dimensions, roof design, paneling options, trim, colors, and much more.

Rather just speak with a helpful human? Our trained building specialists will take the time to listen, and can help you get exactly what you want & need. But what about a 36×36 metal barn price? Final pricing will depend upon the particulars and customizations you choose for your building, but we work hard to get you the best possible price. Plus, we’ve got the best financing and rent-to-own options in the industry, so we can help you to find an affordable solution that falls within your budget.

Don’t wait – let’s get started on your perfect metal building solution! Connect with us, simply pick up the phone and give us a call at (980) 321-9898. Experience the Carport Central difference today!


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