Tips for Planning Your Perfect Commercial Metal Building

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Why a Commercial Metal Building Solution Makes Good Sense

Commercial metal buildings have become an increasingly popular building solution for retail, wholesale, office space, commercial, agricultural, and industrial applications across America. That really comes as no surprise, since there are so many attractive reasons to choose a commercial steel structure. Modern metal buildings are no longer limited to crude, boxy designs. On the contrary, commercial metal buildings can be custom designed in a wide range of visually appealing styles. And thanks to the weight-bearing nature of steel tube framing, there are essentially no size limits when it comes to these sturdy clear span structures. You can choose whatever building dimensions you want! And here’s one more decided advantage, too. The assembly and installation process for a prefab commercial metal building is much faster and more cost-effective than with any comparable post frame or stick-built construction. If you want to get your building sooner, then a steel building approach is the best way to fast-track your project.

Planning Tips for Getting the Commercial Steel Building You Need

1. What do you need in a commercial building?

Deciding what you need (or want) in a metal building before you start the process in earnest will help give some needed focus and prioritization to your project planning. How do you plan to use your commercial building, exactly? What equipment, items, or people will be included inside your facility? Does it need to be fully enclosed? Do you intend to finish the space for human occupancy? Would you also benefit by including some open-air shelter for vehicle storage, or other uses? Once you’re able to answer these important initial questions, you’ll be better prepared to choose the right metal building solution to meet your needs.

2. Settle on building design and size dimensions.

You can choose a garage-type design, barn-type design, or one of many large warehouse design options. Any metal building of considerable size will almost certainly call for a vertical roof style, as well. How much building space will you require in order to meet all of your needs? One of the most common mistakes that many commercial buyers make is not getting a big enough building to grow with. It’s actually more cost-effective to go ahead and opt for a bigger building now, rather than having to fund a potentially expensive building expansion sooner than you would’ve liked. For basic building design planning, start by taking measurements of everything you’re planning to include inside your building, to give you a better starting point for mapping out your new building dimensions. And if you’d like to design your own commercial metal building from scratch, you can do so with ease on Carport Central’s 3D Building Estimator!

3. Obtain any necessary building permits.

Most commercial-sized buildings in the U.S. will need to be constructed in compliance with local and/or state building codes and regulations. This often requires engineering plans to be submitted to your presiding building authority for approval. In many cases, your building will also need to be certified to meet minimum designated ratings for wind and snow loads. Another benefit of going with a certified metal building is that your structure will be built to a higher standard in terms of strength and stability, which ultimately provides you with greater peace of mind about the reliability of your building.

4. Prepare and level your site.

It’s necessary to think about your intended building installation site, too. If your site isn’t already level, it will need to be leveled before any scheduled installation can occur. If you’re having a certified building installed, the site must be level to within 3” front to back and side to side. If the site isn’t level when the installation team comes out, they may have to reschedule for a later date, and you’ll likely incur an additional fee for a return trip. It’s also important to clear away any overhanging vegetation or debris from your site, so the installation crew will have clear access to your building site.

5. Now, let the building installation commence!

Seeing your commercial metal building get put up is honestly the fun part! Just get out of the way, and let the installation team do its thing! Installing a commercial metal building takes MUCH less time than the construction of a comparable wood building. The exact length of time it takes to install will vary somewhat depending on the size of your building, and upon which specialized installation equipment may be required. For example, larger buildings require a lift in order to put the trusses in place. But with prefabricated steel building components, most installers can erect a small commercial building in a couple of days, and larger buildings in less than a week. At that point, you’ll then be ready to have your electrical, plumbing, and HCAV contractors come in to finish the job!

6. Time for final building inspection.

Every aspect of your commercial metal building project, including the foundation, the building itself, and any wiring or plumbing work, must pass inspection upon completion. Your local inspector will examine everything to make sure it meets local building codes, and correct any identified issues before signing off on it. The key to a smooth commercial metal building project is making sure you choose the right metal building provider, to begin with. To that end, it helps to choose a metal building company like Carport Central who maintains its own staff of certified engineering professionals, along with the best team of building specialists in the business!


Some Popular Commercial Metal Building Sizes


• 30’ x 50’ Commercial Building

A sturdy 30’ x 50’ building offers 1500 square feet of protected space you can use any way you want. 30’ X 50’ buildings are ideal for many small business operations, including retail storefronts, coffee shops, bakeries, local pharmacies, and more. For example, you can choose to create a customer-facing section in the front, and a production/storage area in the back. A well-built 30’ X 50’ commercial metal building could do wonders for your business and operational capabilities.


• 40’ x 60’ Commercial Building

This is one of our most popular commercial metal building configurations at Carport Central. We’ve installed MANY 40’-wide metal buildings that are 60 feet long, or longer. We can also provide 40’-wide buildings that are up to 20 feet tall, if that’s what your needs require. A 2400-square-foot commercial building works well for things like farm usage, grain and crop storage, auto body shops, church facilities, school buildings, and even residential barndominiums applications.


• 50’ x 80’ Commercial Building

What could you do with 4000 square feet of protected commercial building space? Pretty much whatever you want! These building dimensions are ideal for many farm, business, and other commercial applications. Several businesses really need interior building space they can divide for the purposes of both customer engagement and production & storage. Whether you operate an auto service center, a restaurant, a medical practice, or something else, a 50’x80’ metal building could be your perfect solution.


• 60’ x 100’ Commercial Building

Need a shelter for your heavy equipment? Or perhaps you need a building large enough to accommodate your growing business? Either way, a 60’ x 100’ commercial metal structure could be the perfect building solution for meeting your needs. You can divide up the interior of a clear span metal building like this any way you like, to best meet your warehousing, agricultural operations, office space, manufacturing, or other needs. The only limit to the potential uses for a commercial building like this is your imagination!


• REALLY BIG Commercial Buildings

Need to go even bigger with your commercial building? There’s a custom prefab metal structure solution for that. With the strength and versatility of steel tube framing, you can determine your own specific metal building dimensional needs, and have a custom building designed and built to suit!


Commercial Metal Building Pricing

Curious about commercial metal building cost? We understand that price is a significant concern for any commercial building buyer. You’re probably aware that steel material prices have gone up over the past couple of years, thanks in no small part to supply chain issues as a result of COVID-19 impacts. In fact, construction costs have risen across the board, in all categories. But the fact remains that steel tubing structures are still some of the most cost-effective building solutions around, and can be much cheaper to build per square foot. Your specific commercial metal building price will depend upon a number of key factors, including building dimensions, roof style, and any specific customizations you choose to include.

Partner with Carport Central to Provide Your Best Commercial Metal Building Solutions

The primary advantage of investing in this commercial steel structure is that you can add a personal touch to this building according to your requirement with a wide range of custom options. With Carport Central, you can customize every feature, including roof styles, windows, doors, gauges, and everything between them. You can also customize the trims, anchors, colors, sizes, panels, and more. The interior and exterior of these metal structures can be customized too in different ways to fit your needs and budget. Another advantage of commercial storage steel buildings is that it takes less construction time, making them highly affordable.

For many reasons, a commercial metal building is really the BEST choice for any business or enterprise planning a new construction. But even so, one of the best decisions you can make is in choosing the right metal building provider who can really take care of you and your particular commercial building needs.

NOBODY beats Carport Central in terms of commercial and industrial steel building design and application possibilities. We’re the premier online provider of metal structures in America, and we partner with only the best metal building manufacturers and installers across the country. We’re proud to maintain a BBB rating of A+, and we’re a technically advanced company that can handle the structural design and delivery of any large-scale building application. We’ll be happy to work with you to come up with a building solution to meet both your needs, and your budget. We include delivery and installation of your building at no extra charge, too!
Carport Central is here to Provide Shelter for Your Way of Life, as well as for Your Way of Business. What’s Central to you, is Central to us! Give us a call today at (980) 321-9898, and let us show you the Carport Central difference!


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