Top 10 Creative Applications for Your Metal Carport

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Metal Carport

What Are Carports Good For?

A carport is a carport, right? Yes, but a carport can also be so much more than just a carport!

Traditionally, carports were designed for protecting vehicles, and also for keeping passengers dry and safe while entering and exiting their vehicles. And to be sure, carports are still great for that for serving that purpose!

But that’s not all you can do with a carport. In particular, if you own (or are planning to install) a metal carport, there’s honestly no practical limit to the many ways you can use your building.

Carports for Outdoor Vehicle Protection

Different people can use the term “carport” to refer to different things, but in terms of its original intended function, a carport is an open-air, roofed structure made to cover a vehicle or vehicle. Some carports are constructed as attachments to existing buildings, while others are designed and engineered to be free-standing structures.

Which types of vehicles can a carport cover, exactly? Pretty much anything you can think of! Metal carports can be custom-built for parking everything from cars, to trucks, to SUVs, to RVs, to motorcycles, to ATVs, to boats& trailers, to tractors& farm equipment, to aircraft.

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Prefab Metal Carports: Versatile Outdoor Building Solutions

As great as carports and carport kits are for protecting vehicles, they also lend themselves well as outdoor shelters for all sorts of other applications, too. In fact, custom carports can be designed and built with the intention of tackling some non-traditional carport duties, to begin with. But either way, metal carports are relatively easy to adapt or expand down the road too, especially in comparison with a carport that’s constructed with wood or other building materials. To that end, steel carports have really set themselves apart as being the strongest, most durable, most flexible carport buildings around.


Ten Creative Carport Applications

What can you do with a metal carport?

A better question is, what can’t you do with one of these versatile, open-air metal shelters? Here are eight creative ways we’ve seen carport owners make good use of their structures.

1. Park your personal vehicles

Since many see this as the default way to use a carport, we might as well start there. There’s honestly no better open-air shelter for a car, truck, or other personal vehicles than a well-installed metal carport!

2. Cover your oversized vehicles, too

Carports are made to cover cars, but carports can also be custom built to accommodate whatever high-profile vehicles you may own, as well. Need an RV cover, motorhome cover, bus cover, boat cover, or shelter for parking your big tractor or combine? There’s a metal carport solution for that.

3. Protect other stuff outdoors

What other stuff can you keep covered outside besides vehicles? How about lawn equipment, recreational equipment, and outdoor tools, for starters. Carport structures also make good loafing sheds, hay sheds, and wood sheds.

4. Make your outdoor storage into indoor storage

How can you store outdoor stuff inside with a carport? By turning it into a fully-enclosed garage! This is one area where metal structures really shine. The same sort of metal paneling which is used to create the roof for a metal carport can also be used to create side walls for your carport. The end result is a fully-enclosed garage which offers much greater protection and security for your storage needs.

5. Work on a project or pick up a hobby

Wish you had a covered outdoor space for getting some work done? If you own or are planning to install a metal carport, then you’ve got one! You can use your carport to service or clean a vehicle, tackle a carpentry project, pursue a hobby, or knock any number of items off your honey-do list or personal to-do list!

6. Send the kids out to play

Tired of seeing your kids cooped up inside the house? Send them outside! A metal carport makes a perfect covered shelter where your children can play and get some fresh air at the same time. Plus, they’ll be protected from both blazing sun and precipitation, so current weather conditions need not be a prohibitive factor when it comes to helping your kids enjoy the great outdoors.

7. Have a picnic

You can host a family picnic or neighborhood cookout under your metal carport, without having to worry about your event getting rained out, or about your picnickers getting too much sunburn.

8. Outdoor movie night

With today’s wireless technology, streaming capabilities, and an affordable video projector, hosting an outdoor movie night under the shelter of your metal carport is easier than ever. Just hang a sheet, plug in a speaker, pop some popcorn, and you’re ready to go!

9. Add some shade beside the pool

Got a pool in your backyard? It really doesn’t matter whether it’s an in-ground pool, above-ground pool, or kiddie pool. Either way, it’s always nice to be able to provide swimmers with a shaded place for getting out, drying off, and being able to chill. And that’s just one more benefit offered by having a metal carport!

10. Many commercial, agricultural, & industrial uses

We mentioned above that metal carport structures also work great as loafing sheds, hay sheds, and wood sheds, but that only scratches the surface in terms of ways you can use a metal carport for things beyond purely residential needs. For every residential application, you can think of for a metal shelter, there are probably twice as many applications for commercial, agricultural, and industrial usage.


Why Choose Carport Central for Your Metal Carport Solution

First of all, we’re in the business of providing the very best custom steel structures. What’s better about a steel carport? Pretty much everything.

Steel building components offer all-weather protection that’s second-to-none, and steel also happens to be the strongest commercially available building material. Galvanized steel won’t rot like wood, it isn’t threatened by moisture infiltration, and it’s basically impervious to any pest threats. In addition, steel is naturally incombustible, so it offers better fire protection as well.

Concerned about metal carport prices? Then here’s another fun fact. It can actually be significantly cheaper to build with light-gauge steel, and the bigger your planned building, the more you can save by choosing steel!

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Carport Central is the premier online provider of metal buildings in the continental United States, and we’re specialists in all manner of metal building applications. Whether you need a simple carport, a larger RV cover, or garage, barn, workshop, warehouse, residential building, barndominium, commercial building, agricultural building, or industrial-strength building, Carport Central has you covered!

All of our steel buildings are manufactured and constructed from the highest-quality materials, and each steel structure is really designed to last you a lifetime. Our building specialists are standing by to assist, and we work hard to make sure you get the EXACT metal building you need.

Why wait? Connect with us online today, or for a faster response, just give us a call at (980) 321-9898 right now. Experience the Carport Central difference for yourself!

What’s Central to You, Is Central to Us!


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