Steel Barn Applications: Common Uses for Metal Barns on the Farm

By Scott Kyles   |   Posted In: Barns

Steel Barn

Unlike the traditional wood barns of the past, today’s metal barns come in a variety of styles that allow farmers the flexibility needed to perform every aspect of their job.

Steel barns have several distinct advantages over their traditional wood barns. First, they protect against insect and critter infestations, so you and your animals can enjoy a clean environment. Second, our high-quality 12- and 14-gauge metal framing is impervious to the elements, so you don’t have the worries of cracking, rotting wood caused by water damage. Third, our metal barns and metal barn kits are highly fire-resistant, which could even save you money on your property insurance! Fourth, you can find metal barns for sale at a fraction of the price of a comparable wood structure – you get more barn for the money. Another advantage of purchasing from a quality steel barn manufacturer is that you get a virtually maintenance-free structure that will last for years to come! Here are some common uses for steel barns:

  1. Shelter for Horses and Other Livestock—Keep your precious livestock protected from the elements with a durable, dry, steel horse barn.
  1. Boarding Facility— Are you interested in providing extra money by providing boarding services for horse owners? You can outfit your barn with an open space for indoor turnout, a tack room, a feed room, and an office area.
  1. Hay or Feed Storage—Save yourself the worry and store your hay or other feed in the dry and clean environment of your new custom metal barn!
  1. Workshop—Utilize your barn space to work on vehicles, cut wood, or pursue other tasks or hobbies.Steel Barn
  1. Office—Welcome customers into your new office without having to bring them into your home environment.
  1. Indoor Riding Arena—If you would like to provide horseback riding lessons, add a large open area to your horse barn that not only allows you to give lessons, but provides your horses with a sheltered area to exercise.
  1. Storage for Large Farm Equipment—Increase the lifetime of your tractors and other equipment by protecting them with one of our open or closed metal barns.

Don’t limit your new metal barn to only one function, one of our friendly building specialists can help you create a custom metal farm structure that fits both your needs AND your budget! Contact us online or give us a call today at (980) 321-9898 to get started on the barn you’ve always dreamed of!



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