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What is a Utility Building?

So, what is a utility building, anyway? It’s a fair question because the definition has changed over the years. A couple of generations ago, utility building was used to refer to buildings used by utility companies to house stationary equipment for phone, power, water, and sewer services. During the same time period, a utility storage shed was understood to mean any backyard building used for storing small equipment, lawn equipment, tools, and other miscellaneous items.


Folks today still tend to think of a utility building as a catch-all backyard shed used for various outdoor storage purposes. But thanks to modern building materials and engineering, Carport Central is helping to redefine what a utility building can be. Our steel utility buildings are constructed to a much higher standard, and we think you’ll appreciate the difference in terms of building quality and building application potential.


Benefits of Choosing a Metal Utility Storage Building

What makes steel shed better than the rest? There are probably too many reasons to list, but here are a few reasons why a steel storage building from Carport Central is absolutely worth your consideration:


  • Durability – A steel utility storage shed isn’t threatened by moisture rot like wood is, and these buildings are made to last longer. They also deliver superior protection from rain, snow, wind, lightning, and other weather threats.


  • Resistance to Both Pests & Fire – Termites and other pests simply aren’t attracted to steel. Steel isn’t a food source for these critters, and they really can’t do steel any harm. Mold and mildew aren’t prevalent issues with steel, either. In addition, steel is naturally incombustible, so it offers better fire resistance, as well.


  • Customizability & Expandability – Metal utility sheds offer greater flexibility of design and provide more in the way of usable interior space. A steel structure is also simpler to adapt or expand as your needs happen to change over time.


  • Easy Maintenance – Wooden structures require repainting or restaining every few years. But steel utility buildings don’t involve traditional paint approaches, and their infused colors won’t peel and don’t fade as easily. Steel structures are relatively simpler to clean, too. In most cases, all that’s required is to hose them off and hose them out every so often.



Customization Possibilities for Designing Your Perfect Metal Utility Building

With Carport Central, you have the ability to customize every feature of your building, from top to bottom. We’ll work with you to draw up whatever ideal metal utility building design will serve you best. What options do you prefer? You get to decide your specific building design, dimensions, gauges of steel framing and paneling, colors, trim options, door & window options, and much more!


  • Size & Style – Design your storage building however you like. Want to add some open-air shelter to your building? You certainly can. What size dimensions will work best for your combination structure? It’s really up to you.


  • Choose Your Gauges – 14-gauge is generally seen as a common default framing standard for steel-framed utility buildings, but you can also opt for a thicker 12-gauge if you want an even sturdier building. You have options when it comes to the gauge of your metal roofing and side paneling, too.


  • Enclosure Options – Speaking of enclosure options, how much side paneling do you want, and where do you want it? You can leave your covered shelter wide-open, choose partial enclosure to go with a completely-enclosed metal structure, or opt for a combination of these. Whatever serves your needs better, that’s what Carport Central can provide!


  • Doors & Windows – If you decide to enclose any portion of your building, then you’ll also need to build in some convenient points of access. You have several options for roll-up doors, walk-in doors, windows, and frame-outs, and you also get to decide exactly where you want to place them on your building.


  • Trim & Colors – Want to place some decorative gables in the front or back, or interested in adding some decorative J-trim to cover any exposed panel edges? Not a problem. What color or colors would you prefer for your roofing, siding, and trim? Carport Central offers a full palette of colors from which to choose, and you can even opt for a tasteful two-tone wainscot look if you prefer.
  • More Ways to Customize, Too!



Useful Applications for a Metal Utility Building

The fact of the matter is there are MANY applications for a metal utility shed. Obviously, they’re perfect for backyard storage, but they lend themselves well to other uses as well. Here are just a few:

  • Ideal spot for keeping lawn, garden, and recreational equipment
  • A larger utility building makes a great parking garage for personal vehicles
  • Can also be designed to house RVs, motorhomes, buses, boats, campers, and trailer combinations
  • You can use a metal utility building for getting things done, too. Combination buildings work well as workshops, hobby barns, man caves, she sheds, and home office spaces.
  • Large metal buildings are well-suited for a wide range of farm and agricultural uses
  • For that matter, metal structures make great commercial and industrial facilities, too


The Best Utility Buildings Come from Carport Central!

Choosing to purchase your own metal utility building is a smart investment. But you also want to make sure you’re getting the best building product that’s backed by the best customer service. And to that end, Carport Central is your best source for custom steel structure solutions:


  • No one else offers a better selection of light-gauge steel structures – we source from the best American manufacturers, and we deliver & install at NO extra charge in 46 states!
  • Haven’t found the exact building you’re looking for? Then just design it yourself with our easy-to-use 3D Building Designer! You can access this powerful, web-based tool from ANY computer, tablet, or smartphone browser.
  • Interested in purchasing your utility building at a discount and installing it yourself? We’re happy to give you that option, too.
  • Don’t have the funds in hand to pay for it all upfront? With Carport Central, you don’t have to! We offer the best metal building financing and RTO solutions you’ll find anywhere, so you can fit your building project within your budget.
  • Carport Central also happens to provide the best customer experience and customer service. There’s a reason BBB gives us an A+ rating and has awarded us with its Torch Award for Ethics!


At Carport Central, we don’t just sell metal buildings. We provide shelter for your way of life! Reach out to us online today, or for an even faster response, just give us a call at (980) 321-9898!


At Carport Central, what’s Central to you is Central to us.


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