Ways to Customize and Personalize Your New Commercial Metal Building

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Planning for a New Commercial Metal Building? Good Call!

If you’re in the market for a commercial metal building, you’re in good company. Commercial metal buildings are widely used by retailers, wholesalers, and businesses of all types, as well as for various agricultural and industrial applications. And individual homeowners who need a big backyard building really like commercial metal buildings, too.

But one question that comes up a lot is simply this: Can metal buildings really be customized to give me exactly what I want? With Carport Central, yes, they can!

If you know much of anything about modern metal buildings, this should come as no great surprise. Metal buildings and metal building kits aren’t just limited to boxy, uninteresting designs. A commercial metal building can be customized in a wide variety of ways. Keep reading to learn more!

Tips for Planning and Customizing Your Commercial Steel Building

1. Start by thinking about what you need and want in a metal building.

Deciding what you really need in a metal building beforehand is one of the best ways to begin your planning. How do you want to use your commercial building, exactly? What would you like to see included in your building? Does it need to be fully enclosed? What types of entry points will you need? Want to include some windows? Once you’re able to answer questions like these, you’ll be in a better position to move forward.

2. How big of a building do you want? What building style do you prefer?

You can go with a garage-style building, a barn-style building, or a building of your own design. Many commercial building buyers tend to make the mistake of not getting a big enough building to begin with. If you expect your space needs to grow over time, it’s honestly more cost-effective to opt for a bigger building now, rather than having to fund a second building expansion later. We recommend taking measurements of everything you plan to include inside your building now, in order to give you a better idea of a starting point for your commercial building dimensions. And no matter how big of a commercial metal building you need, the engineering team at Carport Central is here to deliver. Want to design your own commercial metal building from scratch? With our 3D Building Estimator, you can!

3. When it comes to possible metal building customizations, you’ve got lots of options.

One benefit of choosing a steel tube-framed structure is that you’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to deciding all the details of your commercial metal building. Here are just a few of your customization options with Carport Central:

🤔 Do you prefer a traditional vertical roof style, or one of the available barn-style roofs?

🤔 Do you go want to with the 14-gauge steel framing that comes standard with many metal buildings, or do you want to upgrade to the sturdier 12-gauge that’s recommended for most commercial buildings?

🤔 As far as the metal paneling for your roof and sides goes, would you prefer the standard 29-gauge steel, or a more sturdy 26-gauge?

🤔 What colors do you prefer for the roof, siding, and trim?  We’ve got a full palette of colors from which to choose, and we also offer an attractive wainscot option, if you prefer a two-tone look.

🤔 What kind of building access points do you want and need? Besides standard roll-up doors and walk-in doors, we also offer premium door options, including electric roll-up doors. We also have both standard and premium window options, as well.

🤔 What do you want to do for building insulation and vapor barriers? We offer standard single-bubble and double-insulation vapor barrier installation like everybody else, but we offer some other premium options as well. We can install a ProDex equivalent if you’d like more R-value, and we’re also the first metal building provider to offer pre-installed DripStop on your metal paneling. DripStop is one of the most effective vapor barriers on the market. Getting DripStop pre-installed on your metal panels provides greater peace-of-mind, and can save you in onsite building installation labor costs, too.

🤔 In addition to the enclosed portion of your commercial metal building, would you also like to add one or more lean-tos to create some open-air covered space? Carport Central is happy to accommodate, and we can help you get the right combination of both full-enclosed space and open-air protected space.

Just be aware that some particular customization options can vary by location.

4. Let the building installation begin!

Seeing your commercial metal building gets put up is the fun part! This is where you get to watch our installation team do its thing. And commercial metal building installation goes MUCH faster than that with a wood-framed building. With prefabricated steel buildings, most installers can erect a small commercial building in just a day or two, and larger buildings can be erected in less than a week. A comparable post-framed building, on the other hand, can take weeks or even months to complete!


Commercial Metal Building Prices

What does a commercial metal building cost? We understand that building price matters, and you probably know that construction material prices have been on the rise. But steel tubing structures are still the most cost-effective solution for commercial buildings and can be considerably cheaper to build per square foot. Your specific commercial metal building price will depend upon key factors like building dimensions, roof style, and whatever customizations you decide to include.

Partner with Carport Central for Your Best Commercial Metal Building Solutions

A commercial metal building is really the best choice for your large building needs, and nobody beats Carport Central for commercial metal building design, engineering, and customizability. We also include delivery and installation of your building at no extra charge in 46 states!

Metal buildings are highly affordable and versatile structures, designed to meet your needs and requirements. At Carport Central, you can take full control over your structure. We provide multiple customization options for you to choose from and design your building your way. From sizes, roof style, gauge, and panels, to windows, doors, trims, anchors, and more, you build the structure you have always wanted.
All our buildings are affordable and require very less upkeep. So, if you are looking for a protective shelter for your cars and animals, or just need extra storage space, give our experts. Our building professionals will help you get the perfect metal building for your needs.

Carport Central Is Here to Provide Shelter for Your Way of Life, and for Your Way of Business. What’s Central to you, is Central to us! Give us a call today at (980) 321-9898, and experience the Carport Central difference for yourself!


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