How Big Is a 3-Car Garage? 3-Car Garage Size & Dimensions

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What’s the Typical Size of a 3-Car Garage

If you’ve got three vehicles you need to park and protect, installing a detached three-car garage is a great way to meet your needs. In fact, a metal garage is really an ideal storage solution for keeping your lawn & garden equipment, tools, recreational equipment, and most anything else you can think of.

But which 3-car garage dimensions will suit your needs best? That’s a great question, and one you absolutely need to answer in order to come up with the best triple-wide car garage plan.

Is there really a standard 3-car garage size? When it comes to a prefab metal garage for sale, you’ve got lots of options. And when you choose to partner with Carport Central, you can rest in the fact that we individually design, fabricate, and deliver each & every custom steel structure in order to meet whatever dimensions and specifications you decide for your new metal building.

How to Choose the Right Three-Car Garage Size

Triple garages usually start around 30’ wide and 21’ long, but they can also be made much larger, just depending on what you want. A 30’x21’ building can be constructed to house three normal passenger vehicles, but you won’t have much room to store anything else. Below are some tried-and-tested tips that are worth following when it comes to selecting the right 3-car metal garage dimensions for you:

1. How many vehicles or large items do you need to store?

If it’s a 3-car garage you’re planning, then keeping three vehicles inside is pretty much a no-brainer. But one of the beauties of having a custom metal building like this is that you can keep cars or trucks in two of the bays, and then store other pieces of equipment or large items in the third bay. It’s really up to you! But no matter how you plan to use your building, it’s a good idea to include enough buffer space inside for navigating around both vehicles and other items without having to crash doors or bump into any of your stored items.

2. What types of vehicles or large items will be inside?

The particular kinds of vehicles or other large items you need to house will help determine how large of a metal garage you really need. Some full-size vehicles – like trucks – might call for something longer than a 21’ building. That’s even more true for items like motorhomes or trailered boats. The good news? Carport Central can provide metal buildings in any custom length to suit your needs.

3. What’s the tallest vehicle or item to be stored?

Does garage height really matter? It does if you want to be able to park your taller items inside! You need to make sure there’s enough clearance to accommodate the tallest vehicle or other tallest item in your building. We can deliver & install steel structures as tall as 20’ in most locations, and that’s a particularly good thing if you happen to own a high-profile vehicle like a bus, camper, or RV.

4. How do you need to use your 3-car garage now?

Do you know how you’d like to use your metal garage in the short term? Think about all the vehicles, lawn equipment, machinery, tools, and other items you know you need to house and how they will fit within the standard 3-car garage dimensions. You might also consider choosing a utility building that combines fully-enclosed space with open-air coverage. There’s really a lot you can do with a garage/carport combo, and Carport Central can provide any kind of combination building you can conceive of.

5. How might you want to use your triple garage in the future?

If you’re thinking about adding more vehicles to your personal fleet, or anticipate any additional storage needs going forward, it’s wise to order a metal garage that includes some real room to grow. Opting to invest in a larger metal building now can be much more affordable than having to come back and plan for a second building expansion later.

Some of our more popular triple-car garage dimensions include our 24’x41’ side-entry garages, 30’x31’ garages, 30’x41’ garages, 36’x36’ garages, and 40’x41’ garages. In addition, you can place roll-up garage doors, walk-in doors, and windows pretty much wherever you decide. You’ve also got color options for the roof, sides, and trim, and you can mix & match your colors any way you like.

Still not sure which 3-car garage dimensions you need? Just reach out to one of our building specialists at Carport Central; we’d be glad to help!

24x36 Side Parking Garage

Why a Metal 3-Car Garage Makes More Sense

There are many reasons why a strong, rugged, fully-customizable steel building makes the most sense for your storage needs. Our steel-built structures are incredibly resistant to severe weather threats, moisture issues, and pests, and provide better fire protection too. These steel buildings are also quite versatile; you can design your floor plan any way you want in order to make full use of the available clear-span interior space. And if you should ever want to adapt or modify your building later on, that’s much easier to accomplish with a steel structure than it is with a comparable stick build.

Get Your Best 3-Car Garage from Carport Central!

No matter how you slice it, deciding to purchase a custom metal garage – or any other type of garage – is a significant investment. That’s why it’s important to make sure your vehicles and other possessions will be properly protected. Carport Central can deliver whatever type of garage, barn, or other metal building you may need. We also pride ourselves on delivering amazing customer service, and we’re committed to help you afford the metal building you need by offering the best financing plans in the business. It’s no wonder we consistently rank A+ with the BBB, and receive so many 5-star ratings on platforms, including both Google and Facebook.

Our friendly, knowledgeable building specialists are here to get you what you need in a triple-wide metal garage, or anything else! Carport Central isn’t just about selling metal buildings; we’re really about Providing Shelter for Your Way of Life. You can connect with us online today, or to get started even faster, simply give us a call at (980) 321-9898.

At Carport Central, what’s Central to you, is Central to us.


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