How Big Is a 1-Car Garage? 1-Car Garage Dimensions

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How Big Is a 1-Car Garage

When a metal garage shopper asks about 1-car garage dimensions, it usually means one of two things:

  1. You have a single vehicle you need to protect.
  2. You have some designated items you need to shelter and store within the space offered by a typical single-car garage.


Of course, it could also be both/and. Perhaps you have a car or truck you need to park, and you also have a few items you’d also like to keep along with your vehicle inside a new one-car garage. What single-car garage dimensions do you need? That’s a great first question to ask.


Many assume that a prefab metal garage for sale must come in a set, predetermined size, but that isn’t necessarily the case. While there are popular metal building sizes that are frequently used for single garages, there really is no one “standard” size you must abide by. With Carport Central, you’ve got options! Each of our custom steel structures is designed and fabricated to meet your exact specifications.


How to Choose the Right One-Car Garage Size

Standard one car garage dimensions are typically 12’ wide by 21’ long, and can go up from there. A 12’x21’ building is large enough to house most full-size cars, trucks, or SUVs – but it doesn’t allow space for much of anything else. Owning a 12’x25’ garage, on the other hand, gives you more options. Here are some good tips to follow when it comes to choosing the right metal building dimensions for you:


1. How many vehicles or large items do you need to store in the garage?

In this case, the number of vehicles is one. But do you also intend to keep any other large items inside? If so, you should plan to go with a larger single-garage building. You’ll also want to build in enough buffer space to be able to open your car doors without bumping into any walls or other stored items.


2. What kind of vehicle or other items will you be storing?

The particular type of vehicle (or other valuables) you need to house will also help dictate how large of a garage you’ll need. For example, a full-size truck may fit better in a 25’ long building than a 21’ long building. The good news about choosing a garage from Carport Central? You can design your building to be however long you need it to be.


3. What’s the tallest item to be stored?

Height matters, because you’ll want to ensure there’s enough door and building clearance to accommodate the tallest item to be stored. 8’ is a popular starting height for a metal garage, but you can also go much taller, especially if you’re looking to house an RV, motorhome, or boat on a trailer.


4. How do you plan to use your metal garage now?

How do you want to use your metal garage right away? Make sure to factor in all the valuables you need to store, including your vehicle, equipment, and tools, and more. Would you benefit from having a utility garage that includes an attached lean-to on the side? Or even on both sides? Carport Central designs, delivers, and installs combination buildings, too.


5. How might you use your metal garage down the road?

If you have plans to add a vehicle or anticipate needing some extra storage at some point, it would be best to go ahead and order a metal garage that has room to grow with your needs. Choosing a larger metal building now can save you the expense and hassle of having to plan for a subsequent building addition later.


Some of our most popular single-car garage dimensions include 12’x21’, 12’x26’, 12’x31’, 18’x21’, and 18’x25’. And you can choose to place optional roll-up doors, walk-in doors, and windows wherever you like.


Why a Metal 1-Car Garage Makes More Sense

There are a multitude of reasons to go with a strong, rugged, fully-customizable, enclosed steel garage. For starters, a steel structure is more resistant than a stick build in the face of weather threats, moisture threats, and pest threats. And our buildings are just as versatile as they are durable. You can design and use your interior floor plan any way you like. Steel also happens to be naturally incombustible, so you’ll also enjoy better fire protection for your vehicle and other stored possessions. And should you decide to expand your garage at some point in the future, that’s easier to accomplish with a steel-built structure than it is with a comparable wood-framed building.


Get Your Best 1-Car Garage from Carport Central!

We understand that finding the perfect one car garage size can be a challenge, but it’s also the best way to make sure your ride and your other possessions receive the right protection they deserve. Carport Central can get you what you need, and we’re also committed to providing you with the best metal building solution to suit your budget. We take customer service seriously, too. We consistently maintain an A+ rating with the BBB, and our customers leave us glowing reviews on both Google and Facebook.


At the end of the day, Carport Central is about more than just selling metal buildings; we’re really about Providing Shelter for Your Way of Life. You can connect with us online, or for an even faster response, simply give one of our friendly building specialists a call today at (980) 321-9898.


At Carport Central, what’s Central to you, is Central to us. Let’s get started!


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