Why Choose a 40×40 Metal Building?

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Why Choose a 40x40 Metal Building

40×40 Prefabricated Metal Building

Metal buildings have become increasingly popular among homeowners, farmers, and business owners across the country. Not only are they strong, versatile, and cost-effective, but modern metal buildings from Carport Central can be custom-designed and custom-manufactured to create whatever type of look you’re going for.

 Take a 40×40 metal building, for example. A building of this size presents you with 1600 square feet of completely usable interior space. This creates lots of potential applications for residential, agricultural, commercial, and even industrial settings.

 Whether you need a larger parking garage for your personal vehicles, a barn for your livestock, poultry, or agricultural equipment, animals, a commercial building for workspace or storage, or something else entirely, we’ve got you covered!


Some of the Many Ways You Can Use a 40×40 Metal Building

Looking for a 40×40 garage, 40×40 barn, 40×40 storage building, or even a 40×40 metal building home or vacation cabin? The sky is really the limit when it comes to the multipurpose functionality of a 40×40 metal building from Carport Central.

 Here are just a few 40×40 metal building applications of note:


1. 40×40 Metal Garage

Did you know that you can actually house 4 passenger vehicles comfortably inside a 40×40 metal garage? It’s true, and that still leaves some room to spare.

2. 40×40 Metal Carport

You can also opt to build a 1600-square-foot roof-only steel structure as well. If all you really need is a large carport, we can build it too. Plus, you’ll save some money by leaving off the side paneling.

3. 40×40 RV Storage Building

Got some high-profile vehicles to protect, like RVs, motorhomes, campers, or boats? Carport Central can provide an RV storage building to suit your needs, and we offer building side leg heights of up to 20 feet. If it’s an RV garage that you need, we can deliver the perfect metal building solution!

4. 40×40 Metal Barn

Perhaps your need for a metal building falls into the farm or agricultural category. We have tons of experience with providing horse barns, hay barns, tack barns, livestock facilities, poultry houses, and more for farmers and ranchers.

5. 40×40 Storage Building

If you’re like many Americans, you’ve probably accumulated more stuff than you have room to keep it. That’s where a 40×40 metal storage building can prove to be especially valuable. There’s storage space for days, and you can choose to use your building in some other creative ways, as well.

6. 40×40 Metal Workshop

You can use a 40×40 metal building for storing stuff, but you can also elect to set aside all or part of your building for doing stuff, too. A 40×40 metal workshop is perfect for servicing your own vehicles, taking on some carpentry projects, and tackling any number of items on your home improvement to-do list.

7. 40×40 Commercial Building

Maybe what you really need is a commercial metal building you can use as an auto repair shop, service center, production facility, or retail storefront. Our 40×40 commercial buildings are perfect for all of these applications and more!

8. 40×40 Metal Building Home

Looking to build your own 1600-square-foot home that’s engineered to withstand the elements, is completely customizable, and is also more affordable? If so, a 40×40 barndominium or metal building home from Carport Central can really be your perfect solution!

40x40 Vertical Roof Metal Garage


What’s Better About Choosing a 40×40 Steel Building?

Pretty much everything you can think of! A 40×40 steel structure is strong, versatile, and adaptable. Here are a few reasons why one of our rugged 40×40 steel buildings from Carport Central is really a perfect solution for your outdoor building needs:

      • 40’W x 40’L building dimensions give you a whopping 1600 square feet of fully usable protected space.
      • Popular heights for these buildings include 10’, 11’, and 12’, but you can go all the way up to 20’H if that’s what you need.
      • Comes with our strongest metal building roof option, the A-frame vertical roof. And the vertical paneling is designed to direct away all types of precipitation and debris with ease.
      • Choose from among our attractive palettes of colors for your roof, sides, and trim.
      • Add roll-up doors, walk-in doors, windows, and frame-outs wherever you want them.
      • Select from our standard 14-gauge steel framing or our even more rugged 12-gauge framing. You’ve got more than one steel gauge option when it comes to the roofing and side paneling, too.
      • We can certify your building to meet ANY local wind and snow load ratings your area may require.
      • There are other ways to customize, too!
      • Delivery and installation anywhere in our 46-state service area is INCLUDED with purchase at no extra charge!
      • Our metal buildings also come with a 20-year rust-through frame warranty and a 10-year paneling warranty.


How Much Does a 40×40 Metal Building Cost?

That’s certainly a fair question! Your specific building price will depend on factors like the building’s particular dimensions, which customization options you choose, and where your building is to be installed. But here’s some good news – our steel building prices are some of the best you’ll find anywhere, and whenever you entrust the job to Carport Central, you can rest assured that everything will be done right! Our friendly building specialists are standing by to provide you with an accurate, customized quote for the exact building you need!

Interested in getting a 40×40 metal building kit you can pick up and install yourself for a discount? We’re happy to provide those as well!

Can’t afford to pay for it all upfront? With Carport Central, you won’t have to! We offer the best metal building financing and RTO solutions in the business. We’re fully equipped to help you find the best way to fit your building project within your budget.


Get Your Best 40×40 Metal Building Solution – Choose Carport Central!

Purchasing a custom 40×40 metal building is no small investment, but it’s also an investment that can pay great dividends for decades to come. That’s why it’s so important to choose a metal building dealer who offers the best available products backed by the very best customer service. And to that end, nobody takes better care of you than Carport Central! The BBB consistently gives us its highest A+ rating, and our customers love to leave us glowing reviews on Google, Facebook, and other platforms.

At Carport Central, we do more than just sell metal buildings; we’re really about Providing Shelter for Your Way of Life. You can connect with us online, or for an even faster response, simply give us a call today at (980) 321-9898.


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