Why Farmers Need Steel Agricultural Buildings

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Steel Agricultural Buildings

Most traditional agricultural buildings are wooden structures, prone to wear and tear over the years. These wooden structures are susceptible to damage and deterioration from numerous sources, costing you time and money for maintenance.

When wood is exposed to the elements damage can occur over time. Unless properly treated to maintain water resistance, it’s only a matter of time before water will seep into the wood and cause it to rot. Once the wood becomes damp, mold will follow soon after. Mold can be concerning for two reasons; the dampness can speed up wood rot, and the presence of mold can lead to health concerns for a farmer and his livestock.

Another threat to wood is termites, they are a well-known pest that can devour large quantities of wood, and they are more prevalent in warmer climates. Once these pests get into your wooden structure they are hard to get rid of, and within only a few months you could experience immense structural devastation.

Perhaps the most catastrophic source of potential damage to a wooden agricultural building is fire. Not only would the building itself be lost, but everything it contains, whether it be farming equipment, feed, or livestock!

For these reasons, many farmers are turning to metal buildings for their superior characteristics and resistance to many risks that wood is susceptible to. A steel building is extremely adaptable and can be designed to suit almost any need.

Metal buildings have a waterproof coating applied during manufacturing that does not need to be resealed as regularly as wood does. Because mold Steel Agricultural Buildingand mildew can’t grow on steel, associated allergy and health problems are avoided. There are no known pests that attack metal, so there is no vulnerability to termites, carpenter ants, or carpenter bees

If you are experiencing any of the problems described above, it could be time to consider upgrading to a metal building. You can inquire with us online or give one of our friendly building specialists a call today at (980)321-9898!

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