Why Steel Buildings Are Really The Most Economical Choice

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Steel Is a Fantastic Construction Material

You must at least be considering the possibility of going with a metal building, or else you probably wouldn’t have clicked on this article in the first place. So let’s start by congratulating you for being a progressive thinker!

Sure, you could be like a lot of people and just settle for a wood-framed building because you don’t know any better. But clearly you’re not most people, and you’re not interested in simply settling for an inferior material just because it’s common or familiar. Ready to learn more about the performance benefits and economic advantages of steel? Then read on!

What’s So Great About a Prefab Metal Building Engineered with Light-Gauge Steel, Anyway?

That’s a fair question, and it’s really a great place for us to start. If you’re not all that familiar with how light-gauge steel tubing and paneling works, it all centers on the applied usage of cold-formed steel. Cold-formed steel is produced through a process of roll forming sheets of galvanized steel into all manner of needed building components. This material can be shaped into incredibly strong (yet lightweight) steel tube wall frames, headers & trusses, roof panels, wall panels, and more.

What makes light gauge steel a better building material? For starters, it has a higher strength-to-weight ratio than any other common building material. Light gauge steel is strong, rigid-yet-flexible, dimensionally stable (it won’t significantly expand, contract, split, or warp over time), and is relatively easy to assemble. That means it actually takes less material to frame a steel building, versus other construction methods. In addition, there’s very little construction site waste produced, since all needed steel components are fabricated, measured, and cut in a dedicated manufacturing facility ahead of time. Once these steel components arrive on site, they’re ready to be installed as-is! This makes the installation process simple enough that you can even choose to take it on as a DIY project. Custom metal building kits can be designed and manufactured to match your exact specifications, in fact.

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But What Are the Real Economic Advantages of Choosing Steel?

Now we get to it. There are certainly some economical features of choosing steel when it comes to conservation of natural resources in the construction process, and those features can make a big difference in terms of helping you to minimize the ecological footprint of your building. But what are the economic advantages in terms of both up-front cost and long-term building maintenance? We’re glad you asked!

• Building Price

Let’s be real about it: steel structures aren’t cheap. But then again, neither are stick builds! Construction material costs have gone up across the board, in all categories. Even so, light-gauge steel is the most cost-effective construction material there is, and steel buildings can be significantly cheaper to build than wood-framed buildings! Custom steel buildings have been shown to hold their resale value well, too.

• Less Labor Needed for Install

Steel structural components are fabricated in a dedicated manufacturing facility with an incredible degree of accuracy. Once these building components are delivered to the site, they’re ready for assembly. Onsite measuring & cutting aren’t required, so less labor is required for construction. There’s less room for mistakes with premeasured components, too.

• Incredibly Durable Structure

A steel building is essentially rot-proof, termite-proof, and pest-proof. The same simply can’t be said for wood. And while wood burns, steel doesn’t, so it’s innately more fire-resistant. This means you can usually save money on insuring a steel building, too. In addition, steel structures are much better engineered for enduring wind, lightning, earthquakes, and other hazards.

• Completely Customizable

What do you want your building to look like on the outside? What kind of floor plan do you have in mind for the inside? With a steel structure, those details are really up to you. You decide what building dimensions will work best, and you choose whichever exterior design plan you like. Then, divide up the interior to use any way you like!

• Simple to Maintain

Wood is susceptible to many threats, including moisture infiltration, mold, mildew, termites, and rodents, among others. You won’t have to worry about those concerns with steel, and you won’t have to treat your structure to prevent them. No repainting or staining is needed with these metal buildings, either. Cleaning and maintenance are really a breeze!

• Energy-Efficient Construction

Many wrongly assume that since steel is a natural conductor, a metal building can’t be very energy-efficient. But the fact of the matter is that a well-insulated metal building can actually be 40% more energy-efficient than a comparable wood-framed structure. How? The conservation of materials required for steel framing actually allows more space for insulation to be inserted. More insulation means better energy efficiency, lower power bills, and more effective reduction of external noise pollution.

• 100% Recyclable Materials

Here’s something else to like about steel, too. Did you know that steel building components are produced with a minimum of 25% recycled content? In fact, the entire steel building itself is practically 100% recyclable. Steel can be recycled any number of times, without any real degradation. That’s as environmentally friendly as it gets!

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Carport Central: Your Best Steel Building Provider & Partner

Looking for the most economical building solution? Of course, you are! But keep in mind that economical is about much more than just price alone. “Economical” describes something that delivers good value for the amount of time, effort, and money spent. And by that definition, a steel building from Carport Central offers more value than any other type of building!

We understand that you don’t want to pay any more than you have to, but we also know that you really don’t want a cheap structure that isn’t built to last. Carport Central stands behind the quality of every building we provide, and we’re here for you every step of the way, from design to manufacturing to installation!

Don’t trust one of those “discount” dealers who’s willing to cut corners on product quality, workmanship, and customer service. It’s simply not worth the risk! We understand that purchasing a custom steel structure can be a significant investment, and we’re here to help ensure you get exactly what you want & need. We’ve provided our satisfied customers everything from carports, to garages, to barns, to workshops, to warehouses, to office buildings, to metal building homes, to vacation cabins, to specialized commercial, agricultural, & industrial buildings, and more!

Here are a few things that set us apart:

  • Carport Central is the premier online provider of metal structures in the U.S., and we maintain preferred partnerships with the best manufacturers and installers across the nation.
  • We’ve got a great selection of popular building sizes & styles, but you’re certainly not limited to those. You can also create your own custom building plan with our easy-to-use 3D Design Tool, right on your computer or smartphone!
  • Prefer to talk with a real human? That’s cool, because we have a full team of real humans who are ready and willing to help! Our friendly, expert building specialists start by actually taking the time to LISTEN, and we’ll be patient to answer all of your questions. We’re really here to help!
  • Delivery and installation of your custom metal building is included at no extra charge. But if you’re interested in saving some money by taking on the installation of your building as a DIY project, we’re happy to provide you with a custom-made metal building kit option.
  • Looking for the best financing and rent-to-own plans? We’ve got those, too!
  • We also back our products with some of the best warranties for framing, siding, and installation workmanship you’ll find anywhere!

At the end of the day, Carport Central is about so much more than just selling you a metal building. We’re Here to Provide Shelter For Your Way of Life. Check us out online, or just pick up the phone and give us a call at (980) 321-9898. We invite you to experience the Carport Central difference for yourself!


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