Metal Buildings: The Healthcare Facilities of the Future

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A Growing Need & A Growing Cost

Healthcare is on everyone’s minds these days; we debate whether we should invest in universal healthcare, telemedicine, more hospitals, and what effect the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the healthcare industry. While there are many opinions out there, some things are not debatable. The COVID-19 pandemic drove healthcare-related revenue down. Governments constructed new hospitals, clinics, and facilities. Networks hired more nurses and doctors, while the general consumer stopped going to non-emergency-related medical appointments. Costs are up, and revenue is plummeting.

Clearly, something needs to change, but what is it? The easiest way to meet our nation’s growing medical needs, without breaking the national bank, is to replace brick and mortar hospitals with h2, secure, prefabricated metal buildings. Commercial metal buildings offer the space that medical facilities require with much lower costs, installation times, and maintenance than traditional brick buildings.


Why Prefabricated Metal Buildings are the Hospitals of the Future

Commercial metal buildings and metal building kits are the best options for all medical facilities. These prefabricated metal buildings are better than brick or wooden buildings for a number of reasons. In fact, there are ten essential reasons that all hospitals, medical clinics, and doctor’s offices should be made from steel:

1. Reduction in labour

In a world still experiencing the ravaging effects of a global pandemic, reduced physical labor in construction is valuable. Workers are limited during medical crises, which is problematic, since it is during those same medical crises that we need new medical buildings. A commercial metal building is the best option in these circumstances. Thanks to prefabrication, these steel structures require less manpower to construct and install them.

2. Off-site construction

Prefabricated metal buildings are not built on-site. They are built, in part, in a manufacturer’s warehouse. Structural features, such as the metal building’s framing, wall paneling, and roof paneling, are crafted and attached before they arrive at the installation site. This means that all commercial metal buildings can be easily assembled at the installation site.

3. Versatile designs

Metal building kits and commercial metal buildings have incredibly versatile designs. These metal buildings are 100% customizable. The fact that every aspect of these buildings can be customized means that they are the perfect option for new medical facilities. They can be designed to house new equipment and large emergency rooms, increase the number of beds, and meet specialized needs for labs and testing facilities.

4. Quick installation

All metal buildings are prefabricated metal buildings. That means that all the pieces of your metal building kit come pre-built; all you or your crew must do is assemble your new metal building. This is especially advantageous for medical commercial buildings. These buildings need to be erected and in operation as quickly as possible. Fast construction is easy with a premium metal building.

5. Pest-resistant

Bugs and creepy critters are not desirable in any hospital or medical facility; such buildings need to be sterile. Metal buildings are made of strong steel, impenetrable to all pests.

6. Fire-resistant

Fire is one of the most devastating forces on the planet, and it is the last thing you want to experience in a hospital. The best way to prevent a fire is to install a commercial metal building. The steel in these metal buildings has such a high melting point that only the strongest wildfires can damage it. Steel is non-combustible, meaning fires inside your building will not spread outside, and fires outside of the building will not spread inside.

7. Inexpensive repairs

Hospitals and doctor’s offices already have high operating costs. The last thing they want is a building that requires expensive repairs. Again, steel buildings are the best option. There are no costly pest inspections, no wood sealant, and no shingles to replace. All the costly maintenance you would experience with brick, stone, or wood are non-existent when you choose a prefabricated metal building.

8. Durability

Steel is the most durable material on the market. It will withstand any extreme weather Mother Nature throws its way. This is ideal for a hospital, or any facility that needs to endure natural disasters. Steel buildings are expertly rated to withstand strong winds, torrential downpours, intense blizzards, and even some earthquakes. Choosing steel is choosing safety.

9. Customizable

As we already mentioned, steel metal buildings are extremely customizable. No matter what your needs are, a commercial metal building can meet them. When it comes to what you can customize, the short answer is: everything. However, here is a concise list of everything that you can customize:

  • The framing and paneling gauges
  • The wall, roof, and trim color
  • The foundation anchors
  • The dimensions
  • The add-on features
  • The certifications
  • The overall aesthetic

10. Cost-effective

One of the most beneficial features of prefabricated metal buildings and metal building kits is that they are cost-effective. They not only save you money initially, they save you money later, too. Steel is less expensive than its closest competitors in durability, stone, and brick, and it is far less likely than wood to need costly repairs. With steel, you won’t spend a lot initially or break your bank for repairs down the line.


Here’s What You Should Think About Before You Build

When designing your new metal medical facility, there are several factors you need to consider. While you may think metal building prices are the most important consideration, there are five other considerations:

First, you should know how much space you need. Give yourself room for waiting areas, treatment areas, and records. We also advise allotting yourself room to expand.

Second, you need to choose a building material that can be easily cleaned and maintained. Steel is the ideal choice for these reasons because of its low maintenance needs.

Third, all medical facilities, whether they are commercial metal building hospitals or clinics, need to be accessible to a wide variety of people. Your building needs to be accessible to wheelchairs, crutches, ambulances, helicopters, and more.

Fourth, you should consider your security needs. HIPPA laws are in place to protect patients, so your metal building should be designed to protect them, too. Consider privacy in your design.

Fifth, and finally, you should consider the impact that your building will have on the environment. After all, earth’s health directly relates to human health. Choosing a 100% recyclable material like steel helps ensure that excess waste and materials aren’t being generated.


Choose a Kit for Your Healthcare Needs

Metal building kits are a great option if you are looking to build a medical clinic or a doctor’s office. This is because metal building kits are a way to save money and show your DIY skills. If you or a local contractor would like to construct a medical building as an act of charity, this is the best way to do it! Metal building kits come with everything you need. The only difference between a kit and a traditional metal building is that you install it yourself.


Bringing Healthcare Dreams to Life with Carport Central

With a pandemic still raging across the globe, our need for new medical facilities is only increasing. Commercial metal buildings are the best solution to this growing need. They are durable and long-lasting, cost-efficient, and easy to maintain. Metal buildings are the hospitals of the future.

Are you ready to place your order for a new medical facility for your town? If so, call Carport Central today to purchase the highest-quality prefabricated metal buildings. Our renowned metal building specialists are on call and ready to assist you in every way. Reach out to us today at (980) 321-9898 to see how we can bring your healthcare dreams to life!


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