Metal Garage with Living Quarters: From Common Garage to Metal Home of Your Dreams

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Live Your Best Life Now in a Metal Building with Living Quarters

The housing market is still booming in terms of demand for homes across America. Many contractors are backed up more than one, two, even three years out! But here’s a little secret – there’s a much better option available to you than having to wait around for an overly expensive stick-build.

A metal garage with living quarters really can be your dream home! It’s completely customizable, easy to maintain, costs less to build, AND you’ll get your building faster. With all these clear advantages, it’s no wonder that more and more people around the country are now choosing steel-framed homes over traditional wood-frame builds.

From Garage to Dream Home

One of the best things about a steel building with living quarters is its versatility. They’re great for ranch-style homes, barndominiums, condos, vacation cabins, and more. And Carport Central can help you get exactly what you want and need for your building!


1. Stand Strong with Steel

The sheen of galvanized steel siding can make any style of home more eye-catching and modern. This siding is engineered to deliver reliable performance against pretty much every threat of nature, and it’s very easy to clean, too. Steel siding is always a smart way to go.


2. Give Yourself Some More Vertical Space

Adding a full or partial loft is a great way to make your metal building or metal garage kit feel more like home. You can take advantage of this loft space to create a spare bedroom, home office, playroom for the kids, or whatever you need!


3. Customize with Colorful Siding Options

Perhaps you’ve seen a metal garage that looks cold and uninviting, but your custom metal home certainly doesn’t have to! Carport Central offers a wide palette of attractive colors to help your new home reflect your personal tastes and preferences.


4. Bring the Farm to You

Want to give your metal home more of a farmhouse or cozy barn flavor? Add a cupola or two! These decorative features bring a cozy, rustic look to any one of our buildings. Your custom farmhouse look is only a couple of cupolas away!


5. Add a Lean-To to Create an Instant Porch

A lean-to is the perfect way to create some covered porch or deck space for your new steel building with living quarters. Just like our main structures themselves, lean-tos can be built to suit. Add just the right amount of protected open-air space so you can sit out and enjoy your yard, no matter the weather!


6. Create More Charm with Wainscoting

We mentioned that Carport Central has plenty of great siding color options. But what if you can’t choose just one? You don’t have to! Make your metal building with living quarters even more distinct by choosing some attractive, two-tone wainscoting!


7. Decorate with Custom Trim Options

A building really isn’t “homey” unless it’s finished with custom trim on the exterior. We’ve got you, fam. Carport Central can install decorative J-trim, Z-trim, gables, and trim out all of your points of building access. Welcome to your “home sweet home!”


8. Finish Out Your Living Space

While Carport Central doesn’t offer finishing services, we design our buildings such that they’re easy to wire, plumb, sheetrock, etc. Just as a wood-framed building can be finished out any way you like on the interior, so can a steel-framed building. The possibilities are practically limitless!




Why You Should Choose a Garage with Living Quarters

The advantages to choosing to live in a metal garage with living quarters are many, and part of our role at Carport Central is to help enlighten you to the facts. Below are a few reasons why steel really is your best home construction material!


1. Choose Peace of Mind

No building is safer than a steel building. Steel stands strong against heavy rain and winds, it’s fire-resistant, pest-resistant, mold- and mildew-resistant, lightning-resistant, and is even more earthquake-resistant. The steel itself is simple to clean, too — in many cases all that’s needed is to hose it off!


2. Choose the Best Value

Everything about steel helps it add value to your building. It protects you from bad weather and pests, it’s easy to maintain, it’s simple to install, and it’s easier on your wallet. And with a metal roof, you won’t ever have to worry about patching or replacing individual shingles, either.


3. Choose Versatility

Steel can be formed into essentially any building component you can think of. Thanks to its combined resilience and versatility, steel structures make for fantastic garages, barns, commercial buildings, and homes. And you’re not limited to just one of these applications with your building, either. Create a multipurpose facility combining both home and garage, home and storage, home and workshop space, or whatever you need.


4. Choose Homey

You might not think of a traditional metal garage kit as being “homey,” our custom metal buildings certainly can be! The clear-span interior space is perfect for dividing up into living quarters any way you want to draw up. Each of our prefab steel structures is built-to-order, and each is completely customizable.


5. Choose Convenience & Faster Installation

The components for our metal buildings are prefabricated and premeasured in a dedicated manufacturing facility. One distinct benefit of this approach is that once the materials arrive to your site, a steel home takes MUCH less time to assemble than any traditional stick build. Instead of having to wait many months, your building can go up in a matter of days!


6. Choose Quality

We only use high-quality galvanized steel, and our buildings are engineered to be able to endure pretty much anything Mother Nature decides to throw your way. We provide buildings to meet any local building codes, along with any required wind & snow load benchmarks.


7. Choose Eco-Friendliness

Want to do your part in helping to make the world a better place? The materials used to construct our steel homes don’t deplete Earth’s renewable resources. Plus, our steel includes a portion of recycled material, and all of our steel components are 100% recyclable themselves (another beneficial aspect of steel is that it’s infinitely recyclable)!



The Industry Leader in Making Metal Building Dreams Come True

Since our founding, Carport Central has always led the way in terms of metal building innovations and creating more ways to serve your needs better. Why would you trust anyone else to help you create the metal home of your dreams? Our staff of friendly, experienced building specialists is standing by to walk with you every step of the way. Don’t put it off any longer; connect with us today at (980) 321-9898 and let’s get started!


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