Modifying Your Metal Buildings Roofline

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Modifying Your Metal Buildings Roofline

Metal structures have become the go-to solution for various reasons, including their affordability, durability, and overall reliability. Whether you’re a business owner looking to expand their company or a homeowner needing more storage space on their property, these custom structures are perfect for most anything. These prefab metal buildings can be customized in a variety of ways, including their roofs. And despite popular belief, there are a number of ways you can modify the unit without compromising its structural integrity.

Increasing the Roof Pitch

Pitch is just another term used to describe the slope of a structure’s roof. Often, pitches will be referred to in ratio form, such as 4:12 which shows that the roof rises four feet for every 12 feet that run parallel with the ground. Modifying the pitch of a roof is one of the most inexpensive ways to alter the look of your structure without compromising its appearance.

Whether you’re looking to add more storage space to the unit or just some extra clearance, increasing the roof pitch might just be the perfect solution. There are several more benefits to having a higher slope on your steel structure’s roof, including those we’ve listed below.

  • Snow and water can shed off the roof much easier, minimizing the chance of leaks and roof damage.
  • If you’re running an AC unit, the higher roof will allow the heat and air to circulate. This will also help to decrease your utility costs.
  • Higher roof pitches also blend better with pre-existing structures.
  • With a higher roof, you can have a higher ceiling which makes the interior of the structure seem more open.

Gable Rooflines vs. Hip Rooflines

Standard steel buildings typically come with a low-pitched, gable roofline. The most common pitches chosen for these units are 1:12 and 4:12, depending on your use for the structure. Gabled roofs are by far, the most economical choice for prefab metal buildings. Hip roofs are another roof possibility when it comes to purchasing a steel building. If structures surrounding yours have hip rooflines, it will blend beautifully.

Roofline Extensions Add an Extra Appeal to Your Steel Structure

While roof pitches and rooflines can add a certain appeal to your metal building, there are a few other ways you can dress them up. Whether a canopy or eave overhang, you simply need to find what works best for you, your building, and your property.

For most pre-engineered metal structures, the roofline will end up being flush with the walls of the unit. And while this style is more common for steel units, you can spruce them up by extending the roofline. You can make your building stand out amongst the rest by adding a canopy or an eave overhang.

Modify Your Metal Building the Right Way with Carport Central

There are many ways you can adapt your structure to specific design requirements, including your roofline. No matter how detailed or simple your desires are, we can help you. From helping you find the perfect solution for your current and future needs, to helping you design it the way you need, we can do it all. You can contact one of our building specialists today at (980) 321-9898 for assistance or you can start designing your very own unit with our 3D Estimator.


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