Tips for Keeping Your Metal Garage Warm and Toasty in Winter

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Tips for Keeping Your Metal Garage Warm and Toasty

What’s in Store for Winter 2023-24?

It’s way too early to make any type of accurate long-range forecast, but signs point toward the South and Southeast receiving more snowfall than normal this winter. After three years of La Niña patterns, El Niño is back in the Eastern Pacific Ocean, and that usually results in below-average temperatures and higher snow chances around Carport Central’s home base of operations in North Carolina. Does this mean more snow for you, too? That really depends on exactly where you live in the US, but one thing’s for sure. Winter is coming!


How to Heat a Garage? The Importance of Metal Garage Insulation

Metal garages and garage kits are fantastic for all sorts of outdoor storage applications. While metal garage insulation isn’t a structural necessity for a steel garage, it can sure help with maintaining more comfortable indoor temperatures Since metal is such a good conductor of heat, an uninsulated building can leave you feeling cooler than you might like in the winter and a little warmer than you prefer in the summer, too.


Start By Applying a Good Vapor Barrier

Before adding extra insulation, it’s best to start by mitigating any potential interior condensation issues that could crop up with your enclosed metal building. The best way to do that? Choose to have a quality vapor barrier installed inside your garage. Here are a few good options to consider, including the amount of R-value each is able to contribute:

• Single-bubble vapor barrier

The single-bubble insulation is the most economical option, and generally comes with an R-value of around 4. Essentially, single-bubble insulation is a metal-wrapped material that’s designed to prevent moisture infiltration, along with any interior sweating from condensation.

• Double-bubble vapor barrier

Double-bubble insulation includes a second layer of wrapped air bubbles, and is known to deliver an R-value of around 8. Double-bubble works well as a vapor barrier, and also adds a moderate amount of thermal insulation value.

• DripStop moisture control

DripStop is unlike other vapor barriers, as it’s adhered to the metal paneling before installation on a particular building. This approach is advantageous in that it saves both time and money in onsite installation labor. The DripStop membrane works to trap any condensation that forms, and then once temperatures rise, the DripStop simply releases all of that moisture back into the atmosphere. The result? No measurable interior condensation or moisture drips. DripStop has also proven to be more durable than other comparable vapor barrier products.

• Prodex-equivalent vapor barrier

A Prodex-equivalent vapor barrier is worth your consideration too. The woven reflective material is effective at eliminating moisture and condensation issues, and prevents up to 97% of radiant heat transfer. A Prodex equivalent can also add an R-value of up to 16. But if you’re looking to finish your structure for true climate control space, you’d still be wise to install some additional thermal insulation options.

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Good Insulation Options for Maintaining a Heated Garage

When it comes to effective climate control for a metal building, you have many effective insulation options. These include fiberglass insulation batts and blankets, foam board or rigid board panels, and spray foam, among others. Another good solution is to partner with a local blown insulation contractor to place loose-fill insulation inside your wall and attic cavities, in order to achieve maximum thermal performance for your metal garage.

A well-insulated metal garage can actually be up to 40% more energy-efficient than a comparable stick-built garage. Because steel framing is so dense and compact, you can pack in more insulation with a metal building. This equates to less demand on any heating or cooling system, and thus lower heating & air costs.


What Are the Best Ways to Heat a Garage?

You can plan to include a traditional HVAC system in your finished garage, but there are other effective ways for keeping a garage warm in winter. For example, you can choose to install a hard-mounted convection heater that runs on propane, natural gas, or electricity. You can also elect to bring in a portable plug-in space heater for heating smaller workspace areas. Other options you can consider include laying down a garage flooring mat, investing in a heated garage floor, or installing an infrared heater overhead. Another good solution would be to put in a ductless mini-split unit. These systems are designed to recirculate interior air, while offering both heating and cooling functionality in an energy-efficient manner.


Carport Central is Here to Provide Your Best Metal Garage Solution

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