What Exactly Can an Online Carport Dealer Do for You?

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There are many advantages to buying a durable and affordable metal building from a renowned online dealer. It is easy to get durable and affordable metal buildings by buying them online from a renowned dealer. An online dealer usually does much more sales volume than a local dealer and therefore can offer better prices to it’s customers.

Customers also benefit from working with an online dealer’s dedicated professionals and building specialists for personal advice and guidance throughout the process.  Local dealers usually don’t have the resources to employ such experts.

Who are Online Carport Dealers?

Carport dealers offer a wide variety of carport buildings. There is a wide collection of steel buildings to choose from that include storage sheds, garages, and carports, as well as custom commercial metal buildings.

Online carport dealers offer greater selection, more options for customization, and better availability than local dealers. Many local dealers actually buy from an online company to re-sell to their local customers, which increases the price. When a customer buys directly from an online steel building dealer instead of from middle-man local carport dealers, that customer is truly getting the competitive price available. You can also often find discount metal buildings offered online that are not available anywhere else. And with today’s shopping site security protocols, it is completely safe to buy carports online.

Building Customization

When shopping for a carport, customers aren’t just interested in getting the competitive carport prices. They also want to have flexible customization options, so their building will meet their exact needs.

Custom carports are available that can be configured to meet the specifications of the customer including optional choices of roof styles, building size, reinforced steel framing, special building decorative features, a variety of attractive colors, and whether or not the building is certified.

Industry Expert Advice

When you want to buy a carport, it is very helpful to have expert available to walk you through the planning and selection process. One of the advantages of online dealers is that some have metal building buying guides built into their websites that teach more about carports and provide helpful information to help you choose a perfect carport. You can also call and speak with a building specialist to get personalized advice and counsel at no extra cost.

Affordable Prices and Financing

In addition to having the most affordable prices, online dealers are also able to make easy-finance options available. Making a purchase decision is stress-free because you can easily visualize how different customization options affect the price of any residential, commercial, or industrial building order. With an online dealer, the process is quick and easy with fast approvals. Commercial and industrial buildings can usually be financed through options provided by the dealer, up to building purchase prices of $55,000 or more.

Another great financing option is the rent-to-own program.  This is designed for the customer who wants to keep monthly payments low, but still be able to apply a portion of the rental payment to the purchase price.

Delivery And Installation Included

You should also be aware that, depending on the installation site, there may be the need for some groundwork preparation, surface-leveling, and other things required to prepare the site for installing a metal structure. If your local ordinances require a building permit, that needs to be in place before delivery and install.

Once everything is ready, a delivery date is set and the building arrives on the installation site. The installation team also arrives on that day with all the tools necessary to erect the building. Steel buildings go up very quickly!

Long-Term Warranty

Metal buildings from Carport Central come with a one-year warranty for workmanship, a 10-year panel warranty, and a 20-year frame warranty. For example, if any parts of the frame show rust damage within 20 years after installation, they will be replaced at no cost.

Customer Service

Many online dealers provide an online FAQ section, which answers many of the most commonly-asked questions regarding metal buildings. It’s also a good idea to check out the online reviews to understand the real service level of a company and its trustworthiness.


There are clear advantages to choosing to buy your metal carport or garage from an online dealer, including convenience, better price, better selection, better customization options, faster installation, and better personal advice from metal building experts. In short, some carport dealers are simply better than others. Take your time and do your research before making this important investment to make sure you’re getting the best product at the competitive price, with personalized customer service that extends beyond the sale.


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