Steel barns buildings – Protect your livestock and agriculture produce

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Here is why Steel barns buildings are best for farmers to protect livestock and agriculture produce.

Many ranchers and farmers across the US are moving to steel buildings for housing of livestock and protection of farm equipment. Wooden structures are prone to rot, especially the posts below the surface of the ground. They are affected by mold, are susceptible to fire and are not as easy to secure. Steel buildings solve all of these problems and more.

The lifespan of a metal building far exceeds that of a wooden structure. We are so confident in the quality of our materials that our panels are covered by a ten-year warranty and the frame for twenty years against rust. This can be compared to 3 to 6 year warranties for wooden structures that also require regular sealing and maintenance. Steel buildings last longer and require less maintenance than wood.

One of the clear advantages of metal buildings over wood is their fire resistance. Fire can be catastrophic for farmers or ranchers. The potential losses are substantial and the insurance costs against such risks are also burdensome on the cash flow of the ranch. Steel buildings are highly resistant to fire. Livestock and equipment stored properly in these buildings are substantially safe from the effects of a fire meaning that you can have complete peace of mind. Not only are your livestock and goods protected, but your insurance costs are vastly reduced. Because insurers work out your premiums on the basis of risk, the lower risk of fire with a metal building has a direct impact on your insurance premium. Metal Barns don’t catch fire easily and save on insurance costs.

Every farmer carries the concern of predators getting access to their precious livestock and wreaking havoc in the pen. But with a steel building, it is much more difficult for a predator to break through than a traditional wooden structure. The correctly specified unit that is professionally installed by our expert crews leaves no opportunity for a predator to find a weakness to force their way through. Steel barn buildings keep your livestock safe from the attacks of predators.barn buildings

The design of a prefabricated metal building is extremely flexible and they are able to carry a large clear span width of up to 40 feet. This flexibility is ideal for the ranch environment and once the specific unit has been chosen and manufactured, it can be installed in less than a day for most standard applications. Metal building designs are flexible and have very large clear span widths.

 Wooden barns are very vulnerable to the environment. Posts rot in the ground, insects get into the wood and destroy it from the inside out and mold grows in damp conditions causing the wood to deteriorate and rot. All these vulnerabilities are solved by using a farm steel building. There is no need for regular painting and steel is completely free from the effects of mold and insects. Steel buildings are resistant to rot, insects and mold.

 Metal barns can be designed to retain heat and keep your livestock warm during winter. But even in these conditions, the metal resists the build-up of harmful bacteria and potential bugs that are attracted to the warmth. The health of your livestock is best protected through the use of a metal barn. Metal buildings can keep your livestock warm without the risk of disease.


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