Top 10 tips for maintaining and cleaning your metal garages and metal carports

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Here are my top ten tips for keeping your metal garage or carport looking good and lasting long so that your investment is maximized and you are the envy of your neighbors.

  1. Redo the floor coating every few years. The floor of a carport and garage is exposed to heavy traffic and sometimes unwanted spills. Tyre marks build up over time leaving the unit looking a little shabby. Cleaning the floor with a degreasing detergent and coating it with a fresh coat of sealer will go along way to keeping your garage looking good.
  2. Mark out your parking space with tape or with a hanging tennis ball so you never bump the sides, end or stored equipment by edging forward just too far. Bumping the structure with a car can even compromise the safety of the unit.
  3. There’s no substitute for an occasional wipe down with soapy water to get rid of a build up of dirt and dust. This can be done inside and outside to make the garage look like new.
  4. Clean the gutters and downpipes to allow the free drainage of water from your unit. Water that overflows the gutters onto the walls will leave dirty marks that can stain if left too long. In fact, water where it is not supposed to be is never a good idea and it is best to keep the water drainage systems functioning well at all times.
  5. Clean the roof after a snow event to make sure there is not a build up of heavy snow that can cause an unnecessary load on your garage.
  6. During the autumn season, make sure that you sweep off the build up of leaves and twigs that fall on the roof. If these are left indefinitely, moisture will be trapped and eventually pitting can occur in the metal sheeting.
  7. If you have a main weather facing side, make sure that there is not a build up of debris on the ground against the sides of your garage. This can have the same effect as leaves on the roof – moisture build up and pitting.
  8. Make sure the ground slopes slightly away from the building on all sides. This will keep water moving away from the building and prevent moisture from remaining in contact with your metal sheeting continuously.
  9. Use weather strips to seal the doors and windows of your garage. This will prevent the ingress of dust and debris inside your garage so that you are not breathing in “dirty air” that is trapped inside the garage.
  10. Inspect your unit regularly, looking for signs of damage or wear. If you are unsure about something you notice, speak to your supplier about it for some expert advice.

Even though custom metal buildings are extremely durable and strong, there are many practical things you can do to keep your building in perfect shape. You may have additional ideas from your experience, why don’t you share these in the comments so that we can all learn from each other to maintain and clean our metal garages and carports.


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